Posting Rules

Failure to follow site rules will result in edited or deleted posts, banned/suspended accounts, and/or permanent blocking of IP address.


1. Show respect for all members and users of this forum, past and present.

2. Do not ask for or post any e-mail addresses, phone numbers, or other contact information for any reason without prior consent.

3. Do not bash, insult, flame, name call, or make any other type of negative attack towards other users, even if they deserve it!

4. Do not use ALL CAPS, or excessive !!!!, ****, <<<, >>>, or ??? in subjects of posts.

5. Do not hype/tout plays. Do not use terms such as "locks", "sure thing", "play of the year", "guarantee", or other misleading terminology.

6. Do not post any records or results of plays that were not originally posted on HRT.


Moderators have the right to delete or edit posts for any reason as they see fit. If you do not know why your post was deleted please e-mail for a reply. DO NOT make another post with the same content or another post asking why your post was deleted.


1. You may include a URL only if you are a site sponsor or if your post includes a prediction WITH detailed reasoning.

2. NO other promotional material is allowed including: e-mail addresses, specials, records of plays not posted on HRT, pricing, phone numbers, etc, unless you are a site sponsor.

Thank you for your support. I am hopeful these rules will help make this a great board for everyone.

If you ever have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me at

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