Anyone Around Anymore?

Hi HRT, checking in . . . been WAY too long. Let's get a discussion going for CD this weekend.

Hope you all have been well and staying safe.


  • wire2wirewire2wire Senior Member

    I like #16 HONOR A.P.

    16/17/18 boxes in exotics


  • shh10shh10 Senior Member


    I'm going with #10 Thousand Words

    10/17/16 in the exotics

    Good luck!

  • wire2wirewire2wire Senior Member



  • shh10shh10 Senior Member

    I jumped onto NY Traffic after the late scr of Thousand Words. Didn't fare much better.

    My mom was on Authentic (liked his name) and son picked Mr. Big News. I'm beginning to think handicapping skipped a generation!! 😂

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