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Hello all - serious question here.

I am questioning my long held and decidedly mediocre betting strategy. I will place win bets on horses where I perceive some value, 4-1 and up, but more often key trifectas with the more likely favorite top tier, throwing in a horse with higher odds if I like past performance, trainer/jockey, etc.

Looking at the Breeders Cup entries for tomorrow, there is a lot of chalk that is hard to argue with. In your opinion, is it better to go with a win bet on a bet down favorite in hopes that they will at least return something? I wouldn't go with the trifecta in these cases because the return isn't usually worth the risk.

What are your thoughts?


  • wire2wirewire2wire Senior Member

    I bet to win on picks 4-1 or & place 4-1 to place & show on picks 10-1 and higher

    I like to box exactas and triples with my pick and 1st and 2nd morning line picks


  • Horsin~AroHorsin~Aro Senior Member

    When there are several races with chalk on a card that really looks like the chalk is in a good position to win I will wheel that horse front and back with "All" on exactas. I have found in several cases that a long odds horse will finish 2nd and once in a while 1st still giving a decent payout and more than covering the cards money invested. I also like to bet in multiples of $3 as opposed to $2. I find that the extra money won with very little extra investment pays dividends. Anotherwords play a $3 exacta as opposed to a $2 exacta.

  • wire2wirewire2wire Senior Member

    Horsin Nice to see you posting

    Hope all is well


  • two acrosstwo across Junior Member

    Thanks for the comments!

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