A Letter to Myself

Dear Me (when I was 20),​​​​

A little advice to you that I think may help in

the coming years.

1. Never take any gambling activity seriously.

It's the same as thinking you will grow up

to be better than Babe Ruth in baseball.

You can work and work and work at it,

you can get pretty good but making it to

the top of the mountain is unrealistic.

Instead, enjoy and celebrate your 'home runs'

as a hobby.

Remember that gambling is like playing a

carnival game. You can win every now and then.

But who are the biggest winners at the carnival

games, the tracks and the casinos? Open your

eyes, it's not the ones shelling out the bucks

to play.

2. Taking risks or gambling.

People who take risks based on knowledge, trends

or truth usually come out ahead most of the time.

People who take risks based on hunches, opinions

and selfish motives lose most of the time.

Risk takers (good gamblers) win, bad gamblers lose.

That's the difference. Always consider what is in

it for you.

3. Never take big chances or big risks with your money.

Whether you are gambling or investing, it is

always best to use as little of your own money

as possible. It is the only way to go from nothing

to something. This applies to all walks of life.

4. Live and work smarter, not harder.

Work harder than anyone else when you are in the

process of learning. Work smarter when you begin

working. Don't be the class clown or fool or loser

at work or play.

5. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

If you find a formula, a routine, or a strategy that

works well for you, don't change it.

6. The life cycle that never ends.

Every situation or relationship in life has an

objective or goal. There is also a starting date

and projected end date for each one as well.

You must also include boundaries and deal-breakers.

Once the objective has been met or the projected

end date has passed or failure has occurred

then realize it is over and draw a line in

the sand and hold your ground.

This advice won't get you a perfect life. But it will get

you to where you belong a lot sooner than if you hadn't.


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you will continue reading or

share this with someone.

Have a nice day! agtale.com

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