50 years of handicapping Thoroughbreds

Now then, for any given track, do not play

races with any of the following characteristics.

This will limit you to only playing one to three

races for the day.

 - do not play maiden races (which includes

  first time starters)

 - do not play races that have more than

  11 horses running.

 - do not play races shorter than 5.5 furlongs.

 - do not play races longer than 1 1/8 miles in distance.

 - do not play races for 2 year olds only.

 - do not play races where there are five entries

  with program odds of 5/1 or less.

 - do not play races with less than six runners.

When I say do not play them, what I really mean

is do not bet them. The risk is high and the

payoffs are low. I can't tell you how many years

it took to finally figure this out.

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