50 years of handicapping - Today

I never did figure out how to successfully

handicap all the different kinds of races.

I could only do a small subset under

likeable conditions. I was good enough to

make the major leagues as they say.

It would be like being a middle innings

relief pitcher. When called to play, I

could perform very well. But I would

never be an everyday player, would never be a 

MVP or make the Hall of Fame.  Not a bad life

for a couple of years but you quickly

realize you should be planning to move on.

 Perhaps you can do

better. If so, then I think it will take you 

a while to integrate my knowledge into your

racing system. It should take you considerable time

to fully test it and fine-tune your reports before

you are ready to seriously try your luck. It is

like going to school to get a PhD. Plan for

lots and lots of homework and study.  I still 

love racing but now as a fan and not a participant.

excerpt from chapter 5 - agtale.com

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