What is the 1×2 betting odds? How should I place my bets to always win?

What is the 1×2 betting odds?" is a question that many novice bettors have when starting to play online football betting. Simply put, the 1×2 odds, also known as the European odds or 3-way odds, are commonly used in major tournaments such as the World Cup, Euro, or Champions League, and are provided by reputable sports betting sites.

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What are the 1×2 betting odds?

To answer the question of what the 1×2 betting odds are, in reality, it is another name for the European odds or 3-way odds. When participating in 1×2 betting, players have three options: betting on the home team to win, betting on the away team to win, or betting on a draw for the entire match. Nowadays, bettors can easily find a list of European odds at win tips and numerous large and small bookmakers worldwide.

Rules regarding the time for players to bet on 1×2

The duration of the 1×2 soccer tips is a highly debated issue at Trangcacuoc68. According to accurate information from experts, the 1×2 odds are applied for the entire match, including any extra time played. This means that players can bet separately for each half. For example, if you place a winning bet for the first half, but the score is still a draw after the first 45 minutes, you can hedge your bet by placing another bet for the second half.

The 1×2 odds do not apply to corner kicks, free kicks, penalties, throw-ins, or even extra time. All the betting odds given apply to both halves (meaning the 90 minutes of official play) and any additional time in each half.

Answering the question of whether the 1×2 odds include handicaps

Many players at Trangcacuoc68 also ask, "I wonder if the 1×2 odds include handicaps?" To address this question, experts state that all European football betting odds do not include handicaps. The reason is that the 1×2 format is relatively easy to play and bet on, so if handicaps were included, it would cause significant disadvantages for bettors in terms of profits.

The second reason why many bettors overlook the European handicap is that it does not consider the goal difference as in Asian handicaps or Over/Under bets. Instead, players only need to bet on the three predefined outcomes. In the case of winning, they receive money; in the case of losing, they lose their bet; and in the case of a draw, they get their stake back.

Rules for calculating payouts for European odds

When playing with the 1×2 odds, bettors can calculate their payouts themselves. With a few simple steps that will be mentioned in this article shortly, players will no longer have any questions about how to calculate their 1×2 bet payouts.

Rules for calculating payouts when winning a 1×2 betting site wintips

In general, if you win, you will receive back your initial bet amount along with additional winnings based on the betting odds. For the European odds, the formula for calculating the total payout for the winner is as follows: Initial bet amount x (corresponding odds - 1).

Rules for calculating payouts when losing a 1×2 bet

One advantage of European odds, in general, is that players do not have their winning odds reduced if they lose. To explain further, in the case where bettors make incorrect predictions, they only lose their initial stake.

Answering some common questions about 1×2 odds

After providing readers with all the information related to what the 1×2 odds are, Trangcacuoc68 will address two common questions regarding the Asian handicap odds. First, does the 1X2 bet include extra time? As mentioned in section 2 of the article, all 1X2 bets apply only to the official playing time and do not include extra time.

In the case of a draw, how is the prize money calculated? According to the general principle, if a player chooses a draw and it matches the final result of the match, the player will receive a full refund of the original amount. For example, if you bet 100,000 dong, the bookmaker will refund exactly 100,000 dong to your account.


The question of what the 1×2 odds are will no longer be a concern for bettors after reading the information provided above. In general, the 1X2 odds in Asian handicap betting are relatively easy to play and worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime.

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