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In addition to popular football bets like corner kicks, yellow cards, handicaps, and more, first ball betting has gained the attention of many enthusiasts recently. While it's not a new form of betting, the number of participants remains relatively low. However, if you're a professional bettor, you should consider trying your hand at first ball betting due to its simplicity and attractive payout rates. Let's explore some information about this betting type with Wintips!

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What is First Ball Betting?

First ball betting, also known as kick-off betting, is a secondary form of betting designed to add excitement and thrill to a player's experience. The player's task is to predict and wager on which team will take the first kick-off when the match begins. Unlike some other football bets, first ball betting reveals its outcome as soon as the match's opening whistle is blown.

First ball betting relies on an element of chance, as the referee decides through a coin toss. However, this doesn't mean there's no room for analysis by the bettor. With guidance from experienced bettors, you can increase your chances of winning.

Features of First Ball Betting

When participating in first ball betting, players don't need to make complex calculations. Furthermore, the betting process is quick, making it suitable for those who prefer a fast-paced and winning-oriented style of play. However, it's essential to stay alert, remain calm, and avoid costly mistakes.

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Guidelines for First Ball Betting Newbies

The method of first ball betting is available at various online bookmakers. Players need to research the bookmaker they want to use for safe betting. First ball betting occurs before the match starts, and the result becomes evident immediately after the opening whistle.

Pay close attention to the selection of the team that will take the first ball, and place your bet within the bookmaker's opening betting window. When the system confirms a successful bet placement, it means your wager is accepted.

Before placing your bet, ensure that you understand the following rules:

All bets will not be accepted once the match has started, so it's best to place your bet approximately 3 to 4 hours before the match begins.

If, for some reason, the match is temporarily postponed before starting, the bet is considered invalid, and your wager will be refunded.

In situations where a match has already started but is delayed without concluding, the bet is still valid.

If a match is rescheduled, the timing or venue is changed, the bet is not valid.

First ball betting is an exciting form of wagering that combines the thrill of football with the anticipation of a coin toss. If you're new to this type of betting, make sure to follow these guidelines and enjoy the experience!

How to Calculate Money Line Betting: Simple and Understandable

Money line betting, also known as a point spread bet, involves wagering on the home team and the away team with a 50/50 chance of winning. Typically, the home team is given the advantage of delivering the first point, resulting in lower odds.

The odds in money line betting are calculated similarly to a straight-up bet, as follows:

In case of winning the bet: winnings = the amount wagered × odds.

In case of losing the bet: losses = the amount wagered.

To help you understand how money line betting works, we'll provide a specific example:

In a Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool, where Manchester United is the home team and is favored to deliver the first point, the odds are as follows:

Manchester United with odds at 1.90.

Liverpool with odds at 2.10.

If a player places a bet of 50,000 on Liverpool to deliver the first point, the following scenarios may occur:

If Manchester United delivers the first point, the player loses the bet and 50,000 VND.

If Liverpool is the team delivering the first point, the player wins and receives an amount equivalent to: 50,000 x 2.1 = 105,000 VND.

Tips for Accurate Point Spread Betting

As mentioned earlier, money line betting relies heavily on luck, but that doesn't mean there aren't ways to make informed bets. To improve your chances of winning, consider the following tips from experienced bettors:

Learn about the home team: One crucial tip when participating in point spread betting is to gather information about the home team. In most matches, the home team has an advantage and is more likely to deliver the first point. Understanding information about both participating teams will help you accurately predict the team that will deliver the point. If both teams are playing away, be sure to assess the performance of both teams, and the advantage may go to the weaker team.

Know the referee's information: Another valuable tip for accurate point spread betting is to research the referee's history. Take the time to review past matches the referee has officiated to determine which team is more likely to deliver the first point.

Use the double-up betting method: According to experienced sports bettors, they often prefer using the double-up betting method. If you are new to point spread betting, start with a small amount. When you've made a decision to place a point spread bet on one of the two teams, use the double-up method for consecutive rounds and adjust the bet amount until you make an accurate prediction.

Rely on statistics for your point spread bets: Starting point spread bettors may face some challenges, so it's essential to consult statistics related to point spread betting. Analyze the number of times each team has delivered the point, and place your bet accordingly.

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We hope the information provided above has helped you understand point spread betting and gain some knowledge on making accurate bets. If you still have any questions that need clarification, feel free to contact Wintips via their hotline for further guidance.

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