Guide To Play Asian handicap draw (0 handicap) in Football Betting

What's the deal with the Asian handicap draw? How does it differ from the Asian handicap and the European handicap? All these questions will be answered about the Asian handicap draw in the following article by Wintips. Through this article, you'll gain a clear understanding of what the Asian handicap draw entails. Not only that, we'll also reveal some effective betting strategies for you to explore.

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What's the overview of the Asian handicap draw?

The Asian handicap draw, also known as the level ball (0 handicap), is one of the most widespread types among Asian handicaps. With a 0 handicap, the Asian handicap draw provides the opportunity for players to get their stakes back if the final score of the match is a draw. This type of handicap is often used in closely contested matches where the likelihood of winning is relatively equal.

It's important to note that the Asian handicap draw is different from the European handicap (1X2). Although both have a 0 handicap, the European handicap requires bettors to choose among three outcomes: home team wins, draw, or away team wins. If you place a bet on the home team to win but the result ends in a draw, you'll lose the bet in European handicap, unlike the Asian handicap draw where you'd get your stake back.

In the example shown, the Asian handicap draw in the match between Barnsley vs Blackpool only offers two odds for payouts: 2.07 and 1.79. Meanwhile, the European handicap for this match has three odds for payouts: 2.82, 2.46, and 3.31. Pay attention to these betting strategies to avoid confusion when placing your bets.

How do experts and seasoned bettors assess the Asian handicap draw?

Once you understand what the Asian handicap draw entails, the next step is to know how to accurately assess these types of bets. To effectively analyze Asian handicap draws, it's essential to assess the game situation based on the odds. Let's take two examples to understand this better:

Example 1: Match between Watford vs Burnley

Watford, as the home team, has odds of 1.95, while Burnley, the away team, has odds of 1.99. These odds signify that betting 100,000 VND would yield a profit of 95,000 VND.

The relatively close odds suggest an evenly matched contest between the two teams. However, despite playing at home, bettors might want to be cautious about Watford due to their comparatively high payout odds.

Example 2: Match between Manchester United vs Chelsea

Manchester United, playing at home, has odds of 2.37, whereas Chelsea, the away team, has odds of 1.67. The odds display a clear difference in the strength between the two teams, indicating a significant drop in the potential payout for a Chelsea win.

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Expert and Pro Tips for Winning Handicap Draw Bets

Understanding handicap draw bets is crucial, but beyond that, incorporating effective betting strategies is essential. Here are three useful betting strategies anyone can learn:

Beware of 'tricky' bets in football betting

Players should recognize that the handicap draw is one of the most manipulated bet types by bookmakers, often skewing odds to confuse bettors. If you notice a team seemingly likely to win but with unexpectedly low potential returns, it might be a deceptive bet.

Remember, when something seems too good to be true, it usually is. In such cases, wait until closer to the match to assess how the bookmakers adjust the odds. If the odds significantly drop, it might be a good time to confidently place that bet.

Diligently analyze to place accurate bets

We consistently emphasize the importance of carefully analyzing bets in football betting. Thoroughly examining match statistics, such as:

Team performance records: Assess current form and strengths of participating teams.

Head-to-head history: Determine if your favored team struggles against certain opponents and their win-loss ratios.

Starting lineups: Ensure the key players of your chosen team are in the starting lineup.

These details contribute to making informed and professional betting decisions.

Engage in 'live' betting for more effective gains

For those hesitant to place pre-match bets, engaging in 'live' betting during the match can be effective. This approach provides a real-time understanding of the game's dynamics. However, the odds fluctuate with the game's progression, so anticipate potential scenarios.

For instance, if the initial handicap is 0 and there's intense attacking play, the odds might shift to 0.25 or even 0.5. If you assess a good chance of winning, confidently wager to seize the opportunity.

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What is a handicap draw? It's also known as the level ball handicap, a prevalent form of Asian handicap odds. Utilize these three betting tips to increase your chances of successful betting. Best of luck to all bettors seeking favorable outcomes in their betting endeavors.

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